Write up by:

  • LGU of Irosin Sorsogon
  • LGU of Gerona Tarlac
  • Rice Watch and Action Network



Integrating Climate Risk Management into
Local Agriculture Planning
Lessons from Gerona, Tarlac and
Irosin, Sorsogon Experiences


Table of Contents


I. Introduction


II. Integrating Climate Risk Management into Agriculture

  1. Assessing the vulnerability level of farmers/general agriculture sector
  2. Climate Variability, Risks and Future Forecasts and their Implications on Local Agriculture
  3. Climate Related Changes: Actual Tales from Farmers
  4. Recommended Strategies to Current and Future Agricultural Challenges
  5. Integrating Climate Readiness Into Local Agriculture Plans

III. Reviewing the Process, Identifying Learning and Key Recommendations

  1. Actual Project Process
  2. Partnership and Roles of Project Participants
  3. Conclusions and Recommendations on Integrating Climate Change in Agriculture Planning


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