Making Our Own Choices for Sustainable Farming: Documentation of Selected Rice Farming Methods


Table of Contents


I. Introduction


II. Synthesis of Experiences and Lessons

  1. From an era of unsustainability to sustainability: Sprouting initiatives of “sustainable agriculture”
  2. Basket of sustainable agriculture practices: Different approaches highlighted in the documentation
  3. Towards sustainability: Outcome of the mapping and case studies of sustainable rice technologies and practices
  4. Reflections on sustainable agriculture: Summary and conclusions
  5. Way forward: Challenges for sustainable agriculture

III. Success Stories

  1. PRRM’s Alternative Rice Production Pattern
  2. Sustainable Rice Farming through MASIPAG Rice Technology
  3. Biodynamic Farming in the Philippines: The Don Bosco Diocesan Youth Center, Inc. Experience
  4. System of Rice Intensification (SRI): A Success Story of Sustainable Agriculture Advocacy in the Philippines
  5. Community Plant Genetic Resources (PGR) Conservation, Development and Use: Interventions and Innovations in SEARICE’s Community Projects
  6. Women’s Voices Amid Ricefields: DALUYONG’s Case on Women’s Participation in Sustainable Rice Production Systems in Nueva Ecija, Philippines
  7. Breaking Monopolies: PRRM’s Rural Finance and Alternative Trading and Marketing Strategies


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