Typhoon-hit provinces, LGUs urged to invest in early warning system for agriculture

- Jan, 9, 2013


US hit for blocking PH's bid for extension of rice import restriction of rice import restriction

- Dec. 3, 2012


ADB Criticized for discouraging rice self-sufficiency program, promoting importation instead

- Sept. 3, 2012


Senate lauded for rice smuggling investigation, urged review of policy on rice importation by private sector

- Aug. 3, 2012


Pahayag sa tunay na kalagayan ng agrikultura

- July 19, 2012


LGU tap PAGASA for early warning system in agriculture

- March 5, 2012


NGO hists US block of Philippine bid for rice import restriction

- Feb. 12, 2012


Judicious spending of higher 2012 agri budget urged

- Sept. 9, 2011


Imported NFA rice feared unfit for human consumption

- July 22, 2011


Organic brown rice found to prevent progress of diabetes complications

- May 4, 2011


NFA reform, higher palay support for farmers pressed

- Jan. 20, 2011


Rice Stakeholders’ Statement

- March 3, 2010


Agriculture Secretary Yap urged to investigate rice price increase
- Jan. 11, 2010


Gov’t urged to accept Thai challenge, don’t sign new
ASEAN trade pact

- Oct. 25, 2009


Gov’t urged to access ASEAN rice reserve, intensify palay buying and production support

- Oct. 19, 2009


Rice NGO pushes for increased social protection for farmers

- Oct. 13, 2009


Rice NGOs push for climate change adaptation funds

- Oct. 5, 2009


Statement to the Agriculture Ministers Attending the WTO Mini-Ministerial Meeting in India

- Sept. 4, 2009


Farm losses reported due to climate change, uneven weather patterns

- 28 Aug., 2009


Civil society group, farmers opposed rice import liberalization under AFTA-CEPT
- June 16, 2009


House passed Corporate Farming bill; Solon, civil society urged Senate to drop the bill
- June 4, 2009


Stop the passage of House Bill 6073 or the Corporate Farming bill
- May 21, 2009


Civil society group, farmers opposed free rice importation in 2010 under AFTA-CEPT
- March 31, 2009


P2.5B agri stimulus fund to boost exports not poverty alleviation, says Rice NGO; Details of allocation sought

- Jan. 27, 2009


Senate urged review of 2009 agriculture budget on fertilizer and seeds subsidies amid Bolante investigation  

- Nov. 18, 2008


Rice NGO hits DA's callous disregard to arrest corruption after 'Joc-joc' 

Sept. 16, 2008


Farmers cry losses in palay production if P9/kilo buying price continues; urge NFA’s aggressive buying at farmgate price of P17/kilo

Sept. 15, 2008


Rice NGO urges NFA intervention in palay buying this harvest season to stop drop in palay prices

Sept. 7, 2008


Rice NGO presses on coherent agriculture and industrial trade policy in WTO, regional and bilateral trade agreements

August 6, 2008


Rice NGO blames US' extreme greed for the collapse of WTO talks; says 'No deal is better than a bad deal'

July 30, 2008


Farmers groups, NGOs urge WTO negotiators -- Reject farm deal if demands for imprt protection are not met

July 24, 2008


Rice NGO asks WB, IRRI, DBM pushing for imported rice instead of self-sufficiency-- How will you feed the people with soaring imported price?

April 21, 2008


Lifting of rice import restriction with lower import duties

will not guarantee low priced-rice, says Rice NGO

April 10, 2008

Farmers, civil society raise alarm on spending items for P5B farmers subsidy

April 4, 2008


Rice NGO raises alarm on rice importation by private sector

March 30, 2008


Farmers foresee worsening rice shortage; prices expected to soar to P40/kilo

March 26, 2008


Rice NGO hits Yap for failing to curb rice price hike, incoherent food policy

March 17, 2008


Rice NGO rejects US, Canada, other countries’ proposals on

Special Products and Special Safeguard Mechanism in WTO

March 12, 2008


STATEMENT on the Proposed Modalities for Special Products (SP) and Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM)

February 2008


Rice NGO raises alarm on DA plan for 3 rice cropping season Amid Greenpeace warning on excessive fertilizer

February 5, 2008


Rice NGO hits government's rice distribution to students this summer; Cites electioneering and potential fund anomaly

April 10, 2007


RP Rice NGO hits US press on WTO group of

developing countries

March 21, 2007


Local rice NGO defends local farmers in

WTO meeting in Jakarta

March 18, 2007


R1 statement on Lamy's visit

February 22, 2007


No sell out of farmers in meeting with WTO's Lamy, urged

February 22, 2007


Declining hybrid rice yield in China and Vietnam reported

February 15, 2007


NGO urgesYap not to sell out the farmers

in his meeting with WTO's Lamy

December 8, 2006


Letter to the editor on Lamy's visit

December 2006


Farmers' NGO dismayed on Yap's DA appointment

October 19, 2006


Rice NGO hits P4-5B NFA loss on tariffs,

increase in borrowings to pay DOF

October 16, 2006


Farmers NGO pushes additional P3.7B for agri budget

October 10, 2006


Government urged to extend the Quantitative Restrictions

on rice importation

October 5, 2006


Position Paper: Public hearing on the lifting of QR

on rice importation

October 5, 2006


Rice NGO fears GM rice contained in rice imports from US

September 4, 2006


Rice NGO raises alarm on rice price surge in 2008

August 17, 2006


Rice NGO says WTO talks collapse heralds Unbalanced bilateral trade agreements for RP

July 26, 2006


NGO hits DA for double talk on rice importation

July 17, 2006


Farmers' NGO wary on Tan's resignation from NFA Cites DA reorg primed for the election

January 7, 2006






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